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Our label company is a GMI Certified Print Facility that guarantees consistency in quality and color details throughout every project, ensuring the integrity of your brand.

It would be difficult to imagine going into a retail store and finding everything on the shelves labeled in exactly the same way. Perhaps labels are important to know what is in a can or bottle, but the purpose of product labels goes far beyond that. They are the canvas on which to paint the story of your company’s brand and to entice consumers to choose your product over the one next to it. At LPS Labels, we understand how important it is to create labels that achieve those critical purposes, and that is what we have been doing as a trusted label company since 1985.

GMI Certified Print Facility

We have undergone the stringent certification process to become a GMI Certified Print Facility. As such, we are held accountable to established brand owner standards, so you can be confident that we will uphold the highest standards in flexographic printing for your next labeling project and every project after it. We guarantee consistency in quality and color details throughout various projects/products that are produced.

We keep our standards high because we believe everyone deserves to have the best possible labels for their packages, products, and other needs.

Are you looking for consistency across your branding products? Do you want the color in your labels to match your company assets?

Our label company

Our label company is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and serves the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic states with exceptional printing services. Whether you need food & beverage labels, package labels, barcode labels, or something else, you can count on us to produce a high-caliber product for your company. We are equipped to customize your pressure-sensitive labels to your specific needs.

We have worked with a wide variety of consumer product labels over the years, including craft beer, food, beverages, household products, consumer and industrial cleaning products, and home care products. Our team environment and dedicated staff ensures that your project will be done to your complete satisfaction.