How LPS labels is addressing sustainability

Sustainability is on everybody’s mind these days so we would be remiss not to let you know what we at LPS Labels are doing to produce products and operate our business in a sustainable way.

At LPS Label we are committed to promoting sustainability and reducing our environmental impact. As a manufacturer of pressure-sensitive labels, we understand the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices and technologies to minimize our carbon footprint. We are excited to share with you some of the initiatives we have undertaken to achieve these goals.

  1. LED Lighting Installation: We have recently installed LED lighting throughout our entire plant operation. By replacing traditional lighting with energy-efficient LED technology, we have significantly reduced our energy consumption. LED lights not only consume less power but also have a longer lifespan, resulting in less waste generated from frequent replacements. This initiative has helped us lower our carbon  missions and contribute to a greener planet.
  2. LED Curing on Flexographic Presses: We are implementing LED curing technology on our flexographic presses. Traditional curing methods rely on energy-intensive UV lamps, which consume a significant amount of electricity. By transitioning to LED curing, we can drastically reduce our energy usage while maintaining high-quality printing standards. This advanced technology not only saves energy but also reduces our reliance on natural resources, further minimizing our environmental impact.
  3. Digital Printing Expansion: We are proud to announce that digital printing now accounts for over 35% of our production. Digital printing offers numerous sustainability benefits, including reduced paper waste. Unlike traditional printing methods that require extensive setup and generate excess material, digital printing allows for on-demand production, printing only what is needed. This results in less paper waste, fewer chemicals used in the printing process, and a more efficient use of resources.

At LPS Label, we are continuously exploring new ways to enhance our sustainability efforts. While we acknowledge that there is still more to be done, we are proud of the progress we have made so far. By investing in LED lighting, beginning the implementation of LED curing technology, and expanding our digital printing capabilities, we are taking meaningful steps toward reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.
There are steps that might be taken with sustainable treatment of paper waste. However, this requires a coordinated effort between LPS, you the end user and the paper supplier. If you are interested in learning more about these options, please let your sales representative or our customer service department know, they can explain in detail what is involved.

We value your business and appreciate your support as we navigate this journey towards greater sustainability. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment while continuing to deliver high-quality pressure-sensitive labels that meet your needs.

Thank you for your continued partnership.