Product Labels

A great design and consistency from batch to batch are critical components of quality product labels.

Humans are very visual creatures, so when presented with a wide variety of options for a product they want, they will often go with the one that is more visually appealing. If you do not want to get lost in a sea of competition, you need quality product labels that remain consistent from batch to batch. At LPS Labels, our founder, Richard Ebert, began this company in 1985 to support companies that recognized the value of consistency and quality for their product labels.

Elevate your products to the next level with reliable and top-quality labeling

We work closely with you to develop product labels that support the integrity of your brand. With our in-house ink kitchen, we can formulate custom or Pantone® colors specific to your brand and then store the formulas for all future batches so they remain the same for any product labels you need. Having an exceptional product label design is critical for differentiating your product from others on the shelf, but having every shipment look the same makes certain customers don’t overlook it the next time they shop because they have a different color scheme in their memory.

As a GMI Certified printing facility, we exercise adherence to specific standards set forth by large companies to maintain a consistent brand identity. A printing company that seeks and achieves this certification is employed with working towards clearly defined quality objectives that are continuously demonstrated to retain this certification. It was a stringent process to become GMI Certified and to keep it, which we believe demonstrates our commitment to exceptional quality. They set the bar high, and so do we, so you can be confident of product labels that always meet your expectations. Contact us today to learn more.

At LPS Labels, we offer product labels for clients all over North America.