Flexographic Labels: Everything you Need to Know

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Flexographic labels are printed on a printer that uses flexible plates that are mounted on a cylinder. The plates are made of either rubber or screen. This type of printing can use a large variety of inks and can create large batches of flexographic labels. There are many advantages to flexographic label printing. Below are some of our top reasons we recommend this type of printing for your labeling needs.

Flexographic Labels: Everything you Need to Know

  • Fast – This type of printing is ideal for large batches of labels as it prints at high speeds.
  • Finishes – Flexographic printing has a wide range of finishing abilities for you to choose from.
  • Options – There are many options in flexographic printing that will help you to create the exact label you are hoping for. There are large options in inks, foils, varnishes, and lamination.
  • Cost effective – Because large batches can be printed and with the advances in technology, flexographic printing is a very economical way to print your labels.

There are many great benefits of flexographic label printing that are drawing many consumers to choose this type of printing over other options like digital printing. Digital printing is more limited in options and is not a good option for larger batches of printing.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your options in flexographic label printing more, then give us a call at LPS Labels in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We have years of experience and are GMI certified. This means that we excel at color consistency to make all your products look the same and attractive to customers.