Should You Choose Permanent or Removable Self-Adhesive Labels?

Self-adhesive labels are a great convenienceSelf-adhesive labels are a great convenience when you are bulk labelling products. Most of these are pressure sensitive, meaning that you don’t need any heat or solvents to get them to adhere to the product packaging. Sometimes a roller is used to achieve even pressure across the surface of the label during application.

If you are interested in using self-adhesive labels for your product, you may be wondering whether you should choose permanent or removable labels. For most products, permanent self-adhesive labels are going to be the best option. Here are some of the things you should know about permanent labels:

  • Proper application is key. The surface must be clean and dry. Application pressure must be firm and consistent over the entire label surface.
  • Permanent labels are intended to be applied one time and then have a strong bond that will last well throughout the transportation and storage of the product.
  • When a permanent label is removed, there is typically some adhesive residue left on the product packaging’s surface and the label often rips during the removal process.

Removable labels are not used very often for several reasons. First of all, they are generally more expensive than permanent options. They are also more likely to come off during the transportation and storage of a product, making them less desirable in most production scenarios. One of the few reasons to use removable labels is in the case of reusable containers or crates that are returned. Also, if the label only needs to stay on the product until it is purchased and then consumers will want to take it off prior to using the product, removable self-adhesive labels may be preferable.