Tips for Designing Beer Bottle Labels

Tips for Designing Beer Bottle LabelsLabeling is extremely important for any product that sits on a shelf. There are many beers out there with all kinds of catchy and appealing beer bottle labels. So, how do you design and print a label that will stand out from the others? Below are a few tips for designing beer bottle labels that will help to sell your beer.

  • Brand personality – Before you start to design your beer bottle labels, you will want to determine your brand personality. Do you want to be bold and exciting, or soft and relaxing? Figuring this out first will guide you throughout the rest of the process.
  • Design – Once you have determined your brand personality it is time to design your label to reflect that personality. You will do this through the colors, shape and size, font choices, and imagery you choose.
  • Materials – This is what your beer bottle labels will be made of. Many beer bottle companies choose to use a coated paper because it does well with condensation. There are other options to choose from like matte paper. Material choice is selected to fit the brand personality better.
  • Other packaging – Beer bottles are usually sold in a pack. It is important to think about the packaging on other elements of your products. This packaging should also reflect your brand personality and match the beer bottle labels. Also, don’t forget the labeling on the top of the cap.

When beer bottle labels are done right your beer will stand out from the rest. If you are ready to design and print a highly effective and well-made product, then give LPS Labels a call today.