What to Include on Beer Bottle Labels

What to Include on Beer Bottle LabelsCraft breweries are one of our biggest (and favorite) customer bases at LPS Labels, and beer bottle labels have even stricter requirements than other food & beverage labels due to their alcohol content. We can help ensure that your business’ labels comply with all FDA regulations and that your product is the best it can be. To get you started, we have put together this brief guide for what to include on your beer bottle labels.

  • Brand & Product Name – First, your beer bottle labels should always include your brand name, as well as the name of the specific brew. For instance, if it is a seasonal variety, the label should include the name of that variety in addition to the larger brand.
  • Beer Variety – In addition to the product’s brand name, your label should also state what kind of beer it is (ale, lager, stout—the distinction is essential). While those who are familiar with different beer types or with your product line may be able to tell the difference by sight alone, others will need the textual information in order to guide them to their desired product.
  • Alcohol Content – All beer bottle labels must include a note about the alcohol content. This allows people to make informed, responsible decisions about their alcohol consumption.
  • Batch Information – Lastly, if you are still developing a recipe, it’s a good idea to include batch information or a bottling date on the label, as this allows you to track each brewing more easily and adjust as necessary.