Why Should You Choose a GMI Certified Label Company?

Here at LPS Labels, we often hear questions about what it means to be a GMI Certified printing facility. If you were in the label business, you would know that GMI stands for Graphic Measurement International. These standards are industry-specific for label production, stress consistency, and color control. We are proud to hold GMI certification because it represents our commitment to a consistent product for our customers.

label company achieves GMI certification

As a label company, the process to become GMI certified is extensive and stringent. You have to follow scientific, exact processes that you can repeat over and over, even in different facilities or across multiple printing methods. One of the greatest challenges of printing is color consistency, making sure that the colors you use are controlled and the same throughout one printing and even multiple printings.

To become GMI certified, the facility is inspected, there are measurements from multiple samples from production runs and there are even in-store assessments of your labels. Even after a label company achieves GMI certification, they continue to be held highly accountable for maintaining the standards established in the initial certification process. There is continuous monitoring and measuring of performance and evaluations of the packaging supplies produced by all the facilities the company is using.

If you want to maintain consistency and brand integrity, you will definitely want to entrust your printing needs to a company that holds current GMI certification. There is no better way to ensure that your labels will continue to be produced just the way you want with quality color and finishing.