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When a cookie-cutter approach won’t do, call us for custom printing excellence.

There aren’t many things that a company needs printed that can be done generically. The main reason for this is because you want your marketing materials to reflect your unique brand– not something that makes you practically indistinguishable from your competitors. At LPS Labels, our dedicated team takes on each project in a customized fashion with custom printing options that will ensure that labels for your products, packaging, and other items stands out in the crowd.


Our custom flexographic printing abilities are ideal for food & beverage labels, such as beer labels and food nutrition labels. However, they are equally as effective on durable products. We can also create barcode labels to streamline your distribution and inventory processes or provide you with blank labels that you can use for items where a full order of custom printing might not be feasible. To put it in a nutshell, we are dedicated to serving your company’s needs and flexible enough to meet most requests.

Our GMI certification means consistency and reliability throughout your branding

As a GMI Certified printing facility, we exercise adherence to specific standards set forth by large companies to control color across multiple printing methods and facilities. What this means is that with our comprehensive color management program, we can create custom, specialty colors and then create consistency from one custom printing project to another.

If you have some projects in mind where custom printing would be an ideal solution, feel free to reach out to us to discuss them. We would be happy to make recommendations based on our experience dating back to 1985 and assist you in any way we can. Call today to learn more.

At LPS Labels, we offer custom printing for clients in North Carolina, Alabama, Charlotte, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and West Virginia.